Do I really Hate Invicta?

First, let me say that I really don’t hate Invicta watches. I rather enjoy most of their designs and styles of their watches except for a few of the bigger and bulkier watches that have kind of strange watch bands on them. Invicta used to be a very good company and they made a very good quality watch, however over the years that has changed to include many designs in manufactured products from China.

In the following video, I’m going to show you how to tear down and reassemble an Invicta skeleton watch which has a movement that was made in China. This is a very inexpensive and cheaply made product, however it does keep fairly accurate time. The quality of the watch moving itself is not that good compared to most other watch manufacturers or specifically, watch movement made in Switzerland.

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My Opinion Only on Invicta, and why I am not a fan

Specifically, I’m not a big fan of Invicta as a company in hole, because of what they did to retailers about 10 or 12 years ago. Having owned a store that carried Invicta watches at a time I remember when my customers started to come to me with Watches they purchased on shopping networks via cable TV, for literally less than my cost to purchase those watches and resell.

Because Invicta decided to change their marketing and distribution, it caused retailers a lot of grief with leftover inventory that we couldn’t sell. In addition, Invicta made the choice to sell directly to customers all of the accessories that one along with the watch. This meant if a customer broke or lost or destroyed apart, they would send their watch direct to Invicta for repair and replacement. This loss of service ability to a retailer can have a significant impact on the overall profitability of a store.

While there are many of you who choose to purchase online only, there are a lot of people in the world today that like to visit a local shop where they know the owner and trust the owner to take care of their jewelry and watches. This is the kind of establishment that I ran, and had a very good relationship with all of my customers.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are watches that Invicta sells that are made well out of high-quality materials. These washers can be much more expensive than most of the watches they sell. And many people don’t realize that most watch manufacturers have several tiers of pricing points for their watch distribution and manufacturing. This means that companies like Invicta, Movado, citizen etc. can have multiple tiers of watches low end prices that range between $150-$350 up to high end prices that can be well into the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

as an example of some of the Watches I like that Invicta makes a link to my Amazon store here so that you can see those.

Also, I feel as though Invictus marketing team having change the companies direction, made some colossal mistakes when making Watches and Designing the future products of the company. Some of these styles while collectible or sold as collectible, or rather unattractive. Many of these watches are made to be sold to customers with the intention of them collecting them. However most of these watches, are not very collectible. As a matter of fact, some of these watches are near impossible to get parts for over a period of more than three or four years.

What does means to you as the consumer, is that if you buy one of these fancy, large, collectible watches from Invicta, and a watch band breaks or you loose a part to the watch, you may have a difficult or possibly an expensive time replacing it. And, you will not have the ability to take it to a local shop to have it repaired. Invictus marketing has changed the way the company sells parts to retailers and this has made it nearly impossible for retailers to offer affordable repairs to Invicta watches.

I really don’t want you to think that I hate Invicta as a company as a hole. I believe that this company meets the market at a desired point where customers want that specific look. However as a retailer I have to admit that making it nearly impossible for us to help our customers or service our customers kind of gives me a bad feeling about working on Invicta watches.

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I believe that we all have the right to service the products that we own. I believe that a product you purchase specifically from a company such as Invicta, should be serviceable at a local level for your convenience. And this is the reason why I dislike the company and their methods for the most part. Additionally, I feel as though the use of inferior products, misleading marketing, and downright sometimes lying to customers on home shopping channels, is an injustice to the consumer and loyal Invicta customers.

The most important part of a business owner who owns a jewelry or watch store, is Customer trust and loyalty. We have proprietors struggle every day to make sure that we meet our customers needs as best we can. And we’ve created the loyalty that the customer respects and expects from us in our teams. So when a company like Invicta, sticks it to their customers, I believe that the injustice to the consumer is worth a second look at an alternate brand.

But please remember, that this is my opinion only and the opinion of my experience when dealing directly with Invicta or with customers who purchase Invicta watches. It is your choice to purchase whatever item you want, and that’s the mark of a free society, that we can do what we want when we want as long as within the legality of the law. It’s not my decision to tell you what products you should purchase, nor would I ever. And I hope that you would do the same for me. If you prefer to own Invicto products then knock yourself out, I support you 100%. But please understand that it may inhibit my ability to service your watch if I can’t get parts for it when it breaks.

I would like to leave you with this closing thought, that while many of you may purchase these watches as collectible products, please try and remember that they are not very collectible. Over the years I have seen the value of Invicta products drop dramatic dramatic dramatically since the styles change so often. And many people do not wish to own products that are out of date. If you find a watch from Invicta, that you like, and I’ll admit I have a one or two of them also, use it, wear it and enjoy it every day. I believe that Watches should be worn and not looked out. And those of us in this industry are here to help you do the same for as long as we can keep your watch running perfectly, looking good, and enjoyable by you or Customer.