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Designing an engagement ring in Blender is really easy…  For me!  I’ve been using blender for quite some time now to design beautiful items like the one pictured below.

Blender itself, when used for modeling, cad design and 3d printing, has made some fantastic progress over the last three years.  2.91 offers features that I would have only dreamt of when I started designing jewelry years ago.

I was asked by one of my subscribers to show him how he could use blender to design the engagement ring of his choice.  He had sent a picture over, and while it is true, I don’t like to copy another designer, this gives him the ability to design this ring, and change it to suite his own desires, or the desires of his hopefully soon to be wife!

Things you'll need to do this design

What will you need to follow along?  Really, no more then a good computer, with at least 8GB of ram.  I’ll admit, sometimes I model on a computer with less power, and it works file. However, as you progress with the complexity of your design, consider having a machine, either a desktop, or laptop, a Mac or PC, even Linux, with the power to run Blender.  

Blender itself, when only using if for modeling, doesn’t require a lot of computing power.  So, you can get away with that and still, use a 6 year old computer, like me!

Of course, you will need the latest version of Blender…  Blender 2.91…  Click here to download it.

You will need a computer, and I’m sure you all have one.  Just in case, check out some of the items in my Amazon Suggestion Products List.  You may find just what you need there, and be able to have it in a day or two.

You will not need any add ons for blender, however, you will notice that I use my BlenderGems library, as well as some others.

Click here to Check out BlenderGems – A library of Jewelry Item Models

Click here to check out JewelCraft  –  A Jewelry Modeling Add On.


Here are some renders

Watch the Tutorial

If you are looking for a Great, Affordable, Easy to maintain 3d Resin printer!  Check out the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro.  

Its mono screen prints Really Quick.  The printer is Easy to maintain, and comes well supported from Elegoo!

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