Designing a Winged Heart Pendant

I’ve made this video tutorial to help out a Youtube viewer who was kind enough to ask if I could show her how it is done.  I used Blender 2.9, and no add-ons for this, however, there are many ways to make this, and you can be as creative as you like when designing your Winged Heart Shaped Pendant.

I’ll admit now, that I did not take a lot of time to design my feathers, and if I had spent about an hour on the feather, I could have modeled one that was better.  However, use this as a tutorial to learn how this can be done.   Remember, using these techniques, you can model literally any wing shape of your choice!

Watch the Video Here

Keyboard Commands Used

Lets take some time to go over the fact that I used a lot of keyboard commands during the making of this Pendant.  I tend to do that, as it is quicker for me to work with the keyboard than to move the mouse around to find the tools through the buttons and menus in Blender.

Here are the commands I used, and what they do…

Numeric Keybad or ‘`’ key.  Changing your view.  I tend to model from the top view, ‘7’ on the numeric keypad.  I can switch between views quickly, sides, front and top views by using the ‘1’, ‘3’, and ‘7’ keys on the keypad.

Ctrl-A – Align the rotation and scale.  This command ‘resents’ the object in the 3d world.  It comes in handy to orient an object or when modeling.  

Shift-D – Duplicate an object in object mode.

‘G’ – This is the grab tool.  I can use this keyboard short cut to grab an item, and move it around.  Be careful.  The orientation of your view determines which way you will grab and move an object in your viewport.

Shift-W – In edit mode, with the models vertices selected, this will allow you to bend the model around the 3d cursor.  The 3d cursor is not the mouse cursor, keep that in mind.  The 3d cursor is the red/white circle located in the 3d viewport.

Shift-S – This command, in object mode allows me to move my model to where I want it quickly.  I can also place the 3d cursor in the center of the viewport or world location giving me a standard reference point to work from.

Ctrl-B – This command is the short cut for the bevel tool.  In edit mode, select an edge, or an edge loop.  While still in edit mode you can use this command to apply a bevel to your model quickly.  If for some reason the bevel does not work correctly, switch to Object mode, use Ctrl-A to align the rotation and scale, then back to edit mode to correctly apply the bevel. 

Ctrl-R – This is the loop tool in Edit mode.  This allows you to add in loop cuts on your model.  Depending on the model you have designed, you may not be able to add loop cuts or may be limited to the number of cuts you can add.  However, if you can add them, you can add or decrease the number of cuts using your mouse wheel.

Here are the modifiers I used….

Subdivision Surface – This will remodel your design.  Keep this in mind.  How you apply this to your model is important as to how it is remodeled, or distorted. 

Remesh – This is a great way to re-calculate the edges and faces of your model.  Sometimes fixing an issue you may get with a poorly designed model.  It also helps if you wish to move on to blender’s sculpting tool.  (I’ll cover that later).

Mirror – I used the mirror modifier to duplicate the wing.  Remember, that when you use this tool, you will need to be in Edit mode if you wish to “spread” the wings apart.

3d Printer Settings

Once I was happy with the model, I decided to 3d print this.  I printed this on two separate printers….  Here is the settings and resin I used….

Resin –  I printed this with the Elegoo Mars Standard Grey Resin.  You can get it from my affiliate link on Amazon.

Elegoo Mars Settings (Most lcd printers non-mono)

Layer Height:  0.025 mm

Bottom Layers/Cure time:   6/45 seconds

Layer Cure Time: 8.5 Seconds

Support:  Standard Chitubox Supports, Medium, Printed at 45 degrees


Sonic Mini Mono Printer, (most mono printers)

Layer Height:  0.025 mm

Bottom Layers/Cure time:   6/15 seconds

Layer Cure Time: 3.5 Seconds

Support:  Standard Chitubox Supports, Medium, Printed at 45 degrees

Final Thoughts

This entire design took me about 30 minutes or so.  I admit that I could have done a much better time had I had the time to spend working on it.  However, I know that a lot of you can take the effort to come up with all kinds of winged designs.  Keep in mind, that you can work with just one wing, and duplicate and flip it to make the second simetrical wing.

I am working on about 20 different styles of wings, and I’ll be adding them to the Patreon support page later for downloading by you great patreon supporters.  Thank you very much.  

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me on social media at the myjewelrybench facebook pate.  

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