Hello my new found Friends!

I’ve decided to take some time, and rewrite my website.  Instead of a course site, I’m creating an all new blog site, where you can get information on watch and jewelry repair.

We’ll be covering antique, vintage and new watches, jewelry items and their repair and maintenance.

Please have fun and enjoy my videos.  I’m really hopeful that you all get something out of this.  I’ll be posting at least one video a week for your viewing, and sometimes I’ll be covering more.

These videos will be covering both watch and jewelry, and we’ll take watches apart, go through all the pieces as well as cover the repairs, and discuss maintenance.

Please let me know if you enjoy these videos, and give some constructive advice as to what else you would like me to cover each week.

In addition, please support me on Patreon.  As a Patreon member, I’m hoping that your support will help me to bring you many more interesting items, and as a reward, I’ll be giving away a watch or piece of jewelry each month.  These giveaways won’t be inexpensive items either.

Thank you again, and please come on over to my side of the bench!

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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