Don't loose your Parts!

One of the biggest fears watchmakers often have is loosing a part to a watch that they are in the midst of repairing or restoring.  Parts can, and do, get away from you when you are taking watches apart or putting them back together.  Sometimes, you grab too hard with the tweezers and little screws just slip out…

Before you go crazy, lets look at a product that makes life a whole log easier for you watchmakers and hobbyists!  A Pad that makes life simple, keeps all the parts organized, and ready for you to work with and find!


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Parts Trays

Parts trays are great tools for you to have.  Whenever you take a watch apart, it is good to have one tray that contains the entire watch, case and miscellaneous items that go with it.  The one thing about parts trays, if you are like I am, anyhow, is that you end up ordering parts, the watch stays in the tray, and you eventually start to run out of the trays themselves.

While Parts trays are wonderful items to have, when working with a watch, they are not always the most convenient place to store all the parts.  Especially, if you are doing a full service, from start to finish.

Bench Pads!

So, there are a variety of different style watchmaker bench pads.  Some are made of leather, others plastic, and some are just large mousepads that, believe it or not, work just fine.

The history of the watchmaker’s bench pad goes back a long way, and I’m not going to go into detail, except to say that the earliest were made of softened leather, colored to make parts show up easier.

If you have been following my channel for the last 18 months, then you have seen me use all kinds of things as bench pads.  

Of the most recent, I used a white board that I purchased at Staples.  It had lips around the parameter of the board, and was bright white so that I figured I could see all the parts I had put down on it.  While this worked for me, when I decided that I needed one that was larger, I discovered that the price was over $50.00, and I didn’t think that I w was ready to spend the money on a board or pad, than I would have spent for quality tools.

I called up one of the vendors I use, and they recommend the rubber backed pad that I’ve been using for just over a year.  To be honest, it works very well.  The mate keeps parts on my bench, it is soft, so I feel comfortable putting delicate parts on it, and it dampens the parts that drop and slip.

Did I need a new pad, well, some of you who follow me on Youtube have complained that my bench pad was dirty.  To be honest, I clean it every day, and for a giant mouse pad, it works fantastic.

I saw this pad, however while looking for a replacement, and I’m here to say, that yes, it was a quick impulse purchase.

When it arrived, I was glad to see how well it was packed.  One thing that I did not know is that it has magnets in it.  Yes, you can find them without magnets, but the one I ordered had them.

As you saw in the video, I  removed the magnets because we can’t let watch marts get magnetized.

A Day of testing!

I spent an entire day.  I took several watches apart for service, and used the pad to store all those parts.  I found that everything was very handy.  The tray, being flexible and soft does, like the last pad, stop the parts from bouncing around.

One of the benefits to this new pad, is that it has a lip around the entire large working area.  This for me, I feel is better in that some parts will not be able to roll off the pad, because of the raised lip.  This is more an issue of not wanting to jeopardize loosing parts!

There are many varieties of these pad, but help yourself, click on the links below for the tools that I use, and the pad that I purchased.  Check them out, and If you find that for an investment of between 15.00 and 20.00 is worth it, then indulge yourself.

Let me know what you think of it when you have used yours, and if you feel the same as me…

Help to support my page, and continue to bring you both educational and entertaining information.  Thank you!

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