Skagen Watch Battery Warning!

At no time do I want to tell you that some jewelers, or battery changing locations in Malls, or Pawn Shops do Crappy Work!  But, we all have bad days, and some more then others.

If you own a Skagen Wrist Watch, then you need to be extra careful about taking your wrist watch in for a batter replacement.  Watch the Video Below, and find out why, and read my concerns about Skagen below the video.

The Good and Bad about Skagen

I’ve personally never owned a Skagen Watch.  However, don’t think that is because I don’t like them.  

I’m just being honest with you!

Skagen makes a really good, and very fashionable watch.  They are extremely popular, and work very well. 

The quality of the watch is fantastic.  I have not seen any of them come in for service or a battery that had one of those cheap $2.00 movements in them.  For the most part, the only issues I have ever been involved with are the common crystal replacement, and the battery swap.  

Skagen watches are very thin and highly wearable watches.  They feel comfortable on your wrist, and they hold up to wear very well.  They, however, have one huge problem, and it is a problem that I’ve seem more and more lately, as many of my customers continue to go to the Mall Battery places, or pawn shops to get they batteries replaced.

titanium Men's Skagen
Ladies Stainless Skagen

For the past two years, more and more of my customer’s have come to me to change out the batteries in their Skagen watches, and because I know how to do it, I can swap out a battery for them in about five minutes.

However, a few of my customers will come in and show me their watch, and ask me to make sure I can get the back cover on.  Most of the time, if it is a Skagen, I can safely assume one of two things…  First, that the customer tried to change out their own battery.  I know, CVS has batteries cheap, and all you need is a screwdriver!  LOL

The other case is that they took it somewhere, and the store did not put the case back together the correct way, damaged the back cover or worse, and now nothing fits.

This is an inherent problem with Skagen, because to give you such a fashionably think watch, the case back, frame and bezel are all thin and delicate themselves.  If you try to push down the back cover, from the center of the cover, you will damage the watch case cover, and never be able to repair it.

In some cases, people push so hard, that the push the movement and dial down, damaging not just the back cover, but the dial and hands, or worse yet, damaging the movement itself, thus totally destroying the watch!


Best way to press the cover on!

First, let me say this, you should always use case presses to put the back cover onto a watch.  This will help eliminate any chance of causing damage, and ruining your watch, or worse yet, a customer’s watch.

Case presses are designed to put pressure along the outer parameter of the case back, and on the front side of a watch, you would use a press disc that pushes against the frame of the watch, not the glass.

Once you squeeze the press down gently, even with a Skagen watch, you will hear that wonderful snap of the cases going back together, and sealing tightly.

Case Presses are not necessary for watches that have screw-off case backs, but in this case, Skagen only makes very few models with Screw off case backs…  Keep that in mind.

If you want to do this yourself on your Skagen, I don’t advise it.  Call around to a jeweler and ask if they either are a Skagen Dealer or have experience with changing batteries without issue.  If you call a good jeweler, like me, you will be told that they don’t recommend you doing that yourself, the reason why, and ask you to come it to help you.

Now, if you have had a problem with your watch, and some idiot destroyed the back cover or worse, tell them that you either want them to pay to have it repaired, or to have it replaced.  Stick to your guns.  As a jeweler myself, it is our responsibility to our customers to take care of their precious items.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and watch the video.  If you have any questions, leave a comment or ask, and I’ll be happy to respond!


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2 thoughts on “Warning! Skagen Watch PSA What Not To Do!”
  1. Hello I was just wondering if it would be at all possible to have you change the battery in a skagen watch of mine?? I could mail it to you or however you do it… thanks a bunch nick.

    1. I’m sure that you would be better able to find a good jeweler then sending me a watch for a battery change, however, I’m setting up a new location for out of state mailing… It will be about one more month before I take any shipments…

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