Making a part to fix a clock!

I’m always looking for practical ways to use my 3d printer.  Especially because I can make almost anything with it, and I always find myself lost in ways to use it.

So, when a customer brought a small crystal clock in for service, I took the time to figure out what was wrong…

First, the clock movement, (really a small watch movement) did not work.  In addition, the clock that fits into the crystal is held in place with a small plastic ring.  Because the customer dropped the clock, the plastic ring was lost.  

So, the bells went off, and I knew that I could replace the movement in the clock, and then, take a few minutes to design and print a new plastic ring to hold the parts together…  Here is how I did it…  enjoy the video..


NOTE:  I did the voice over for this at midnight, and I was really tired…  I apologize for the monotone voice, as though I might be falling asleep…  I’ll pick up the pace in the next video…


what did I use to do the repair?

All the materials and equipment that I used to do this, are listed below…  These are Amazon affiliate links, and if you use these links to buy any of the products below, I will get a small commission from Amazon, and it costs you absolutely nothing…  This all goes to support my channel!

White Resin

3d Resin Printer


New Clock Part

The repair went perfectly, as you can see from the video.  

If you want more information on my Elegoo Mars, and the products that I recommend, clock here and check out the article on my Elegoo Mars Review!


Thanks for watching, and let me know what you think!

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