Using JewelCraft for Blender to design Jewelry Part 1

A Blender Ad-On that Works!

So, the purpose of my tutorial series is to show you how you can design jewelry on your computer without having to spend thousands of dollars of software, and thousands of dollars every year for updates.  

Hopefully you are following the Blender tutorials here or on my youtube channel.  In this part, we are going to discuss an addon that I’ve tried in the past, but didn’t work for me well.  I think however, that its developer has made so many great improvements that we would be foolish to not add this to our blender portfolio and start designing with it.

In the video below, we are going to take a quick start at using the JewelCraft addon, and see how well we can practice with it.  Below the video, are links to download Jewelcraft.

Download JewelCraft

JewelCraft is an add-on for Blender 3d.  You first have to download it to a location on your hard-drive.  Make sure you save it in a place that you won’t delete it later.

Get version 2.5, it works great with Blender 2.8

Download JewelCraft


The next step is to install the add-on into Blender.  Follow the instructions that I covered earlier, or click Here, to see how to install add-ons.

Make Modeling Easier

I use a mouse like this, with multiple buttons on the side.  In Blender, you can assign functions, such as Boolean Unions, Delete, Add-Mesh, etc. to the buttons to make quick changes to your models.  

Click on the Mouse to the left to see it on, it is an affiliate link, so, I make a little money every time you purchase one.

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