When I started to work on watches, one of the best times, and most difficult times, was getting all the tools I needed…  I’ve spent years acquiring both new and vintage tools, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  Below, is a video describing the tools you’ll need.  I’ll also be placing an amazon link where you can purchase the tools I recommend below the video.


Watchmaker’s Screwdriver set (Affordable)

Bergeon Screwdrivers (The set I use every day)  I’ve had these 18 years!

A Very good set of watchmaker screwdrivers.  I’ve been using these for 20 years, they hold up very well.

Watchmaker bench pad

Watchmaker’s Bench.  This is a really nice bench.  If you intent to fix a lot of watches, or jewelry, then you’ll appreciate it.  Otherwise, you can always start on the kitchen table!

Tweezers.  These are good to start with.  If you are interested in a better set, let me know…

Hand Removers. Used to take hands off watches.  Set Style 1

Hand Removers.  Set Style 2

Watch Oilers

Watch Oil

Watch Case Cushion  This is a must have, to hold the watch down on.

Ultrasonic Cleaner.  Home use

Ultrasonic Cleaner.  Professional use.

Cleaning Solution for ultrasonics and watches/jewelry

Ultrasonic basket for parts, style 1 (Must Have)

Ultrasonic basket for parts, style 2 (I have three of these, recommend at least two)

Hand Powered Blower/Dust Remover  (a Must)

Crystal Press.  Used to press watch cases together or put crystals into cases

Case Opener 1Case Opener 2

Glass Jars, to hold distilled water and watch rinse, 1 cup in size with lids.  You can get these at just about any grocery store.



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