Moissanite Setting in Diamond Mounting

I can’t speak for all jewelers, however, one of the reasons I love my job is because I get to set stones into rings for customers who actually love them.  In this case, I get a chance to supply and set a fantastic 1/2 ct Moissanite into a mounting for them, so that they can have a second ring to wear.  Yes, some woman wear more than one ring!

Moissanite is a man made diamond.  For all practical purposes, it is a diamond, that has additives mixed into its chemical composition.  This is how we as jewelers can differentiate it from a real diamond.  Simply looking at it is not enough, even under magnification.  Moissanite is a very clean stone, and most commonly comes in the color range of G/H.  However, E/F colors are more common today than just a few years ago.

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Check out the video and enjoy.  This is more for entertainment and reference than it is a tutorial, but it was fun to do, and the video was rewarding for me to make.  Not only that, the customer was happy to see it before she came back down to Florida.

What Tools Did I Use?

So, if you are considering getting into jewelry repair and design, there are a lot of tools you will need to aquirre to be able to do this job.  While most of them are affordable and easy to get, I will say, purchasing good tools that will last you a lone time is important.  Quality tools go a long way, and many of the tools I use are 20 years old or older.  

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What do you think?

I encourage you to send me feedback.  Yes, I know many of you will spend the time to tell me what I did wrong..  LOL   Truth is, I really want to know if you find these videos helpful, informative and of course, your recommendations for other ides.  Let me know by leaving comments on the “myjewelrybench” Facebook Page!

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