rope ring design

Custom Rope Style Ring made in Blender

Making custom jewelry is very fun for me.  I enjoy taking the time to work with a customer and create that one-of-a-kind item that they really want.  This was a fun project.  Not only did the customer really like it, but it was rewarding for me to figure out just how to do it. 

I’m sure that there is a different way to do this in blender, and that someone will let me know… but this design took me about 30 minutes to figure out and make.

I hope you enjoy it…

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To design this ring, I used a few of blender’s tools that I may not have covered before during some of my other videos.

Here is a list of the modifiers that I used in this video…

  • Curve Modifier
  • Array Modifier
  • Remesh Modifier
  • Decimate Modifier
  • Boolean non-destructive Modifier

I also cover the design of the twisted rope style that was needed in the design.

Need Addon models for Blender?

Check out BlenderGems, it is a library of modes that I continue to add to that help those of you who want to design jewelry may like.

It is like a Lego Set for Jewelry Design.

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One thought on “Rope Ring Design in Blender 2.9x”
  1. Peter, I’m new to 3D printing as a matter of fact I don’t own the elegoo Mars yet. I watched your u tube on your opinion of the Mars printer, now I’m researching and my question is how do I get this blender 2.9 because I want to order your program to make jewelry. I have a vaccum and centrifugal caster and would like to make my own castable wax. I’ve looked all over u tube and just came across your channel which I’ve rang the bell, so please teach me how to get started or where to start. Thank you for your work and time. Keep up the good work

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