Changing the plastic crystal on a Rolex Watch, is easy and quick.  Once you have the correct crystal, and are ready to take the watch apart, jump in and get it done.

The steps you’ll need to perform are outlined below…

  1. Remove the case back by unscrewing it with the correct opener
  2. Remove the stem and crown from the watch movement
  3. Remove the watch movement from the case, and place it in a safe spot so it does not get damaged.
  4. Using a razor blade, gently pry the bezel off the watch case, being careful not to cut yourself or damage or scratch the watch case. (See the video below)
  5. Remove the bezel, then the crystal.
  6. Clean the watch case and Bezel
  7. Screw the watch crown with its stem back into the case so that you can see the stems location from the top of the watch case.
  8. Test fit the new crystal, making sure that the magnifying lens is centered over the stem of the watch.
  9. With the crystal in place, put the bezel onto the crystal, surrounding it.
  10. Using your crystal press, with the correct size dies, place the case onto the press, applying pressure onto the bezel to seat it properly as seen in the video below.
  11. Make sure the case and crystal are clean and free of debris.
  12. Remove the step and crown.
  13. Insert the movement back into the watch case.
  14. Place the stem and crown back into the watch movement, once seated, tighten the movement in place.
  15. Place the case back onto the case, and screw it in place with the correct die.




If you don’t have a case or crystal press, check this one out here…

4 thoughts on “Rolex Plastic Crystals are Easy to Change!”
  1. I am the Founder of Jennings by Kitsy Lane and I have a customer who in need of replacing his Crystal’s in his Rolex watch. And he needs it to be clean any insights on what to do?

  2. Hi ~
    i have a fake Rolex and the crystal is fogged somewhat and appears to need cleaning or replacement.
    Any recommendation?

    1. Foggy crystals mean one of two things. Constantly foggy, it is probably dirty, and can be taken apart and cleaned from the inside. If it is getting foggy from moisture, especially now that it is getting warmer out, then the seals are bad. If the watch runs well, then changing the back case seal gasket, as well as the gaskets that are probably located at the crown or inside the stem area should solve the problem. If it is foggy because it has small scratches on it, then those can be polished out real inexpensively. Gaskets may cost about $25.00 if done at a repair center, service for an automatic watch, minimum of $100.00, more depending on your area. Polishing a crystal can be done at home with some crystal polish and a drummel tool if you have one, just work slowly, but can cost between $15.00 and $30.00 if you take it somewhere. Hope this helps…

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