Rolex 16613, Why are they Great!

Every once in a while, a product comes along and just takes over the market.  The Rolex Blue Submariner is one of these products, and for the last several decades, no watch has come close.

When we ask why these watches became as popular and desirable as they are, it is obvious.  The look of the watch is sharp, classic and eye-appealing.  The perfect color contrast between the stainless, 18k gold bezel, crown and band inserts and the blue dial are just something that a majority of watch owners love.  Conservative, but yet it makes a statement, that just says… Rolex!


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I’m sure that at every board meeting from Rolex’s competitors, they argued what went wrong, and why they didn’t come up with this complimentary combination before Rolex did.  The answer could be luck, or just foresight.  

Rolex knows their market, and this design hit the ball out of the park.  Not just out of the part, but perhaps out of this world.  


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The desire to own

I still find it amazing that so many of my Rolex clients who own this, will not give them up.  And No, it is not because they are worth every penny, or that their value had increased 75% over the last ten years.  They just love these beauties and refuse to let go of them.

Other of my clients who want these, tell me every time I see them, that this is the watch they want to most.  And that is how it has been for the past 15 years.  Those who own them, won’t let go, and those who want them, are fighting to get their hands on them.

Thus, the price has held steady, even after a great increase in value.

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Why do watchmakers love these

As a jeweler and watchmaker, I like most others in my profession, love quality.  

Having the ability to work on products that are designed, manufactured and maintained in excellence is a treat.  The Rolex Submariner is one of these wonderful products that is made with the highest quality of material.  While any mechanical watch is a delicate and fragile working engine of timekeeping, these are just some of the best.

the Cal. 3135 movement, as with almost every Rolex made, is designed with maintenance and serviceability in mind.  This means that you can have your watch service, maintained and kept in fantastic shape easily.

Easy however does not mean that it will be inexpensive to have repaired.  The parts cost and materials and solutions we use to clean and service a Rolex cost quite a bit of money.

Spare parts are expensive.  Watchmakers like me have to pay a high price to be able to obtain parts and materials, and thus, those expenses are always passed on to the consumer.

The time that it takes to service a watch typically takes about 60 to 90 minutes.  The testing and tuning of the watch will take several days after that.  While these lovely watches take me little time to service, I like to keep them in the shop for a week or so, making sure that we test them under every possible condition that the customer may put the watch through, and make sure they keep accurate time and live up to the expected functions and durability that a Rolex comes with.

Pros and Cons

I’ve spent twenty-four years working on watches, new, used, vintage and antiques.  Non of them every surprise me much, only the quality of a watch makes me pause.  Perhaps I’m to used to time keeping machines.  However, every time a submariner comes in for service, I pause, and stare at these eye-catching wonders.

So, here are some pros…  They are comfortable.  Some of you may say that the watch is heavy.  This may be true, but it is because of the materials used in the watch, case and band.  I love the fact that they are water resistant and hold up well to diving, swimming and exposure to the elements.  The depth of the case back allows the lugs to keep away from your wrist, thus allowing you to wear the watch without having the case lugs dig into your arm and leave marks.  The screwdown crown and case keep all debris out, and allows you to enjoy your watch longer.  

Are there any cons?  I may sound like I don’t believe so.  But, with any watch, there are issues, and this is no exception.  While these watches are shock resistant, they do take damage from drops and falls.  Typically, a broken staff or a balance jewel will crack.  The gold on the two-tone bands scratches easy.  As a jeweler, I tell all my customers that gold is soft and scratches, but every once in a while, a customer will get a bit bent out of shape for these factors.  The crowns are delicate, and when screwing them down, you should aware that too much tightening is bad, and you can damage the crowns.

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No, there are not that many cons.  I see no reason why for those of you in the market, should not bight the bullet and buy one.  Yes, the economy is swinging away right now.  Prices are up, and they are expensive.  If you can afford one, buy it.  They hold their value and they are timeless. 

Rolex hit the mark with a classic that I hope stays around for ever.  I just never get tired of seeing these, and probably never will.

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