Rolex 16013 Vintage Watch Review!

He guys.  Today, I want to discuss the Rolex 16013, this particular watch from 1980, with a 3035 movement, the first year that this movement was used by Rolex for the Date just.

I was asked by another jeweler to go over this watch, and let them know what I thought about it both cosmetically and functionally.  What you are seeing are the pre-service and pre-restoration images of this watch, so don’t think that the debris you see will be left here.

Video Review

The 16013 made its first appearance in 1980.  This was also the year that the 3035 movement was used.  Still, in my opinion, one of the best and most serviceable movements in a Rolex watch.

In this example we are looking at a 36 mm two-tone case and band style, with the traditional fluted bezel, in gold.  When this debuted, two-tone was the most popular, and came in 14k and 18k options.

The 3035 movement was new in the early eighties, and was a much better, very needed improvement from the previous 1500 caliber models that preceded it.  The 3035 movement as I mentioned is a fantastic watch movement, very serviceable, and holds up to a lot of abuse.  It can also last longer between service intervals than did the 1500 series.  The 3035 movement stuck around until late in 1988, when it was replaced with the 3135 movement, but between the two, there are little differences, which explains why the 3135 remained so popular.  Why completely change what works?  right!

Dial Styles!

Dial styles, especially with 2 tone cases and bands, varied, and offered many options.  Yes, for the slayed back, there was champaign, white, black and silver, but other options where available too.  Such as lapis, mother of pearl and even the meteoric dial was an option.  Dial styles came with Roman or Arabic numerals, and some had diamonds, but, not too many as to overwhelm the look of the watch.  While the 80s showed it excess, this was still a very conservative model watch, and remains so to this day.

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First and early models came with the ever so common bubbled plastic crystal, and later models changed to the sapphire crystal.  Today, there are options to convert these from plastic to sapphire, but for the true collector, most remain plastic.

Again, what you are seeing here, is a well taken care of watch, not serviced for over a decade, but ready for a full restoration.  This conservative model is, as I’ve said, one of the most popular models, and I see many of these each month.

Because they are still popular, they hold their value very well.  Even today, getting a good condition, unrestored watch like this may cost a bit, but once serviced and restored will last a very long time, and hold its value far better them flashy, more complicated or exotic models.


I still think for a watch that you can wear every day, and wear with confidence that it will hold up to that use, provide a long life and long service interval, this model should be considered. 

If you are considering one like this, then note that the cost of servicing this model and restoring the case and band would be an additional charge, something that I would put a retail cost of between 500.00 and 700.00 dollars to perform.  Wholesale, less obviously.

Good examples of this watch can be gotten from 4000.00 and up, and not only do they appeal to men, bot ladies have been purchasing up these 36mm beauties for quite some time now, and larger watches are much more appealing to women these days then in the past.

Don’t hesitate to get yourself one of these wonderful examples of timeless beauty if you’ve been thinking of it.  They are great watches, easy to maintain, and durable as hell.

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