Disney's Vintage Cinderella Watch

I had a friend drop by with a watch that his wife received years ago.  This watch has been with her since her childhood and she wanted to have it repaired.

Restoring this watch is not difficult at all.   This is made by Timex, and was all metal, except for the crystal.

As you can see, the dial is in fantastic shape, but the case is a bit, well, dented.  The movement, when I removed it, was just dirty and not worn.  I opted to do a quick cleaning of the watch instead of tearing it down and doing a full parts service on the watch since my friend did not want to spend the money to get it working.

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How I serviced this...

OK, lets be honest, occasionally, I get dollar watches in, and when I quote my service rates to a customer, they will sometimes freak out.  However, my time is valuable, and repairing watches, even dollar watches for twenty or thirty dollars doesn’t work.

If, once in a while, a really good customer or a friend will give me one for repair, and ask to save them some money, I will do what I can to clean it out.

In this case, I was able to take the dial and hands off, remove the hour wheel and cannon pinion and clean those seperately.

Because these watches were made very inexpensively, all the parts are metal, and the mainspring barrel is open and not capped.  This is similar to the old dollar watches from a hundred years ago.

I will then dip the movement into mineral spirits or acetone for 10 or 15 seconds, then, give the watch a long bath in the ultrasonic cleaner.  

After cleaning, I then rinse the watch in a good watch rinse or use 91 or 95% IPA.  This will remove the water from the watch…

Just in case, I’ll often use a hairdryer or a heat gun to warm up the movement to further dry it and make sure that all the moisture as been removed or evaporated.  From there, I can assemble and oil the watch.

No, don’t do this to your Rolex!  It will not work!

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