So, you, your spouse, or a customer broke the crystal on your Rolex watch!  No Problem.  It happens all the time, and it is something that you’ll have to deal with if it happens.

From the Watchmaker!

If you have a broken crystal on your watch, (not just the ladies Rolex here in the tutorial), but any watch, there are some things that you should keep in mind.

First, if there is glass stuck between the hands and the dial of the watch, the watch could become damaged, and in this case, would cost more to repair.

Secondly, especially in this case, if a piece of glass gets into the workings of the watch, (less likely in a quartz watch), it could do a significant amount of damage to the small, delicate gears.  This could actually cause so many problems, that you may find yourself asking if the repair is worth the cost.

What to do?

If you broke the crystal on your beautiful ladies Rolex, don’t panic.  First, pull out the stem to the second click position.  What this does is to stop the inner workings of the watch.  Kind of like an on/off switch.  The next thing is to bring it to a watchmaker whom you trust and is reliable to have an estimate done.  First and foremost a good repair shop will not charge for a repair estimate.

Can I fix my watch on my own?

Yes!  I learned how to do it.  However, this is a loaded question because I spent years learning how to do suck repairs, safely and efficiently.  If you have the skills, tools, time and patience then anything is possible.  Watch the video below, and learn how we do this repair.  If it is something that you want to tackle, then I encourage you to do so.

After watching the video, you should have some understanding about changing the crystal, and if you can do it yourself, or if you should try to get it done by a professional.  Use your better judgement.



Where do I get a new crystal?

If you are not a dealer for Rolex parts then you’re not going to be able to purchase one direct.  You might be able to get an aftermarket crystal and gasket, this is your choice.  I will tell you for one thing, 99.9% of all parts are good parts.  It is rare that once you find aftermarket part suppliers that distribute quality equipment, that they will start selling bad stuff.  If you have an ebay account or a amazon account, you can also try there.  I’ve had some luck there, but you just have to make sure you buy from someone who is reputable.

Click this line to see what is available on Amazon.

Some Rolex dealers may sell a part here or there.  They are not supposed to!  Keep that in mind.

Now, here is something that is a bit more confusing.  You’ll have to find out the specifications of your watch to find the correct crystal.  There are many versions of the Ladies Rolex President, so make sure you search for the one that matches the model number of your watch.  If not, you may end up with extras that don’t fit!

Steps for replacing the crystal

  1. Remove any loose glass from outside the watch
  2. Remove the bezel around the crystal
  3. Open up the watch to gain access to the movement inside
  4. Remove the movement from the watch case
  5. Check the face of the watch to make sure that there is no glass in the hands or other parts of the watch
  6. Clean out the case from loose glass
  7. Remove any remaining parts of the crystal still in place
  8. Remove the gasket from the top of the watch case
  9. Clean the case very well
  10. Place the new Gasket and Crystal onto the case
  11. Gently Press the bezel back onto the circumference of the crystal gasket, but do not seat it down all the way
  12. Clean the inside of the crystal if necessary
  13. Blow out any dust or debris in the watch
  14. Place the movement back into the case, and secure it in place
  15. Check the alignment of the crystal with the face of the watch by looking straight down at the date indicator
  16. Turn the crystal to make sure it is aligned properly
  17. Put the back cover onto the case, and screw it down tight
  18. Use a crystal press to secure the bezel back onto the front of the watch case, this will tighten the gasket an crystal in place
  19. Clean or wipe down the watch, and your done!

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