In this tutorial, I show you how to change the stop spring in a Rolex Tudor watch, and it is the same for a Rolex Submariner.  If your Rolex doesn’t stop running when you pull the crown out to the second position, then watch this video for advice….

If you’re not confident enough to do the repair yourself, then contact me, and I’ll be glad to help.


Here are the tools I used during the repair of this watch…


Rolex Case Back Opener


Parts Trays

Of course, it isn’t difficult to take a watch apart, it is difficult to put it back together.  This is not a complicated repair, and can be done if you have the time and patience.  We’re here to help, so if you feel you need some assistance, contact us and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.

The part you’ll need is the stop spring or Hack.  It can be found by doing a search for the model of your watch, and the term ‘stop spring’ or ‘hack’.

I’ve found the best location to get it is on Ebay, but you’ll pay more then the retail price.  Of course, this is a problem because Rolex controls the parts for their watches, and they are not very easy to come by.


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