Fretz HMR-20M Classic Chasing Hammer Medium Model Price: $63.30 (as of 26/01/2021 01:43 PST- Details)

Face Sizes: 31mm and 13mm
Head Length: 68mm
Handle Length: 235mm

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Fretz Classic Shape Chasing Hammer-Medium Model 1 1/4″ Head Diameter by 2-5/8″ Head Length HMR-20M Bill Fretz has just added another chasing hammer to his growing line of superb jewelers hammers. This is classic styled chasing hammer, medium model, HMR-20M. Similar in style to the German and French made chasing hammers that have been sold in the United States for generations, the medium model name differs this chasing hammer from the heavy model, which has a heavier and longer head. Both these classic style chasing hammers have similar shaped heads, the only difference being the length and weight. Fretz classic chasing hammers have a highly polished cast stainless steel head with a slightly domed 1-1/4″ (31mm) diameter hammer face with a ball pein end. Now for around the same price that you would pay for the German or French chasing hammers, you can now have a genuine Fretz hammer, with a highly polished stainless steel cast head and the best handle in the business, made of Paduck, a type of Rosewood that makes one beautiful handle. The head on the HMR-20M Fretz chasing hammer is cast from 420 stainless steel and then hardened to 50c on the Rockwell scale, but keep in mind that the Fretz chasing hammers are the only hammers in the Fretz collection that are meant to be used against a tool and not directly on metal, meaning that the polished head may become marred during normal use. Bill Fretz says that properly hardened chasing tool (chasing tools that are hardened on the working end-but not the striking end) should show mushrooming on the striking end of the tool during normal use. Marring on the face of this hammer will not affect the intended use of the hammer in any way. Because all Fretz hammers are hand finished, variations in head diameter size can occur, as no two hammers are exactly alike. As with any hammer you use, eye protection is required.
Face Sizes: 31mm and 13mm
Head Length: 68mm
Handle Length: 235mm
Type: Chasing
Wood: Paduck

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