Continuing with the final part of this series, here we are going to complete the assembly of the pocket watch by setting the dial, casing the movement and fitting the hands.

Setting the dial is important to do carefully.  There are parts of the watch train that protrude from the movement, and setting the dial should be done with care.  On a pocket watch of this size, typically there are three screws that hold the dial in place.  If your watch has two screws, that is very common also.  The number of screws located on the perimeter of the watch movement can be determined by the number of dial feet attached to the underside of any watch dial.

Casing the watch is another gentle part.  When working with the case and inserting the watch movement, please use care when handling the movement itself.  We try to avoid forcing the parts together.  Most of these parts where made by both hand and machine, and fit very well together.  If for some reason they do not fit well, try turning the movement one way or another carefully until they slide into position.

You’ll also find that almost every wrist watch and pocket watch has two screws which hold the movement in place to the case frame.  Once the movement is set correctly into the case frame, these screws with hold down and tighten the movement to the case.

Setting the hands in the correct position is also described here.  I remember many years ago, when I took my first watch apart, cleaned and reassembled it, I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to set the hands onto the watch, in the right position.  However, the first time I did it, it snapped into my mind, and I’ve never had an issue since then.

Once the hands are set in place, you’re ready to put the back of the case onto the case frame, and then the front cover.  Most times, they screw on, however, in other cases, they may snap.  In our example here, they screw into place onto the case frame.

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Here is a list of tools that I used in this video…


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  1. Hey thanks a million for your videos they helped me immensely clean and oil my pocketwatch. Cant thank you enough for all the help

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