In this video, we walk through the first part of re-assembly of our 16 size pocket watch. The assembly in this includes the winding clutch, the setting assembly and the train.

You’ll see how we set the train gears back into position and put the plates back together to hold all the pieces in place.

Once we’ve assembled the train and setting gears, we will run through a quick test to make sure that the motor, or main spring barrel and the gears all turn freely and without issue.

We are also examining all the parts as we assemble the watch.  This is an important step, because during assembly, as well as the cleaning process, we can find any damage or issues with every part that we place back into the watch.

Click here for the watch tools section in our shopping cart.  These tools are important.  I don’t often give you many options for tools because the right tool for the job is important, no matter what job you’re doing.

Here is a list of tools that I used in this video…



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