New Screwdrivers! They are NICE!

I Purchased New Screwdrivers!

My Bergeon drivers have lasted me 21 years. I’ve only had to replace a couple of them, but, they are getting really worn down.  While I do have a very expensive set, I don’t use them.  I have been using the same set for so long, that I’m too comfortable with them.

I took a chance, and purchased a set of watchmakers drivers that I though might be a good match.  I’m very impressed with these.  Watch my review below…

I’ve spent some time with these, and I’m impressed enough to share the results with you and suggest that if you are using a cheap set of watchmaker screwdrivers, that you consider these.

I purchased a bergeon driver set for a student the other day, and when I compared these drivers to those, they are exactly the same.  Not just the drivers, but everything about them, identical.  

No, they do not come with a driver holder, but, then are about 1/3 the cost, and I imagine will last as long as my did if taken care of…

Check these options out, and you be the judge…

At the time I’m writing this, this screwdriver set is under $48.00 on Amazon…  Click to purchase these now…

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This is the original Bergeon driver base.  I love mine, and if you would like to add one to your bench, you can purchase this on Amazon, simply click the image below.

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