The Tools You Need

When learning how to service a watch, or as a hobbyist and or collector, you should always have some tools ready to service your watch, and this is my recommended list of tools to have.  By no means, does this list include all the tools you will need to perform repairs.  I’ve only included those tools I think you should keep around to do general service and maintenance to a mechanical watch or to perform simple service to quartz watches.

Servicing watches is a rather complicated task and requires a lot of patience when doing it.  Small parts, mechanical know-how, and an understanding of how everything goes together and works is a must.  Some of these tools will make it easier for you to perform service to a watch, but, there is no substitute for a very careful hand and a lot of time. 

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Tool List

Here is a list of the basics…  Not all of these are needed, perhaps you don’t need a bench, or lights, or you possibly already have these tools.

These are Amazon Links, and available as Affiliate products that I make a very, very small commission on if you purchase them…  If you use these links to purchase any of the products, you are helping to support me in making content for this blog and my YouTube Channel….  For that, I say Thank You!


Generic tool kit:

Caseback crystal press:

Watch Band Tool:

SpringBar tool:

Timegrapher 1900:

Timegrapher 1000:

Non magnetic tweezers:

Professional Tweezers:

Bargain Screwdrivers:

Bergeon Drivers:

Bergeon Drivers Highend:

Watch Hand Pusher Tools:

Watch Hand Pry Tools:

Dial Protectors:

Watch Demagnetizer:

Small Parts Tray:

Rubber Mat for bench pad:

Bergeon Bench Pad:

2L Ultrasonic Cleaner:

3L Ultrasonic cleaner:

Ultrasonic Cleaner Basket:

Ultrasonic Small Baskets:

Watch Oil:

Watch Oil Lub 9010:

Watch Oiler with Cup:

Watch Holder Bargain:

Bergeon Watch Holder:

Watch Cushion:

mainspring winders:

Magnavision Visor:

Good Generic Visor:

Rodico Dry Clean Putty:

Some Helpful Vendors

I myself purchase parts from suppliers, manufacturers and a host of other sources.  You, as a hobbyist may not have access to many of the suppliers that professionals have, but here are a couple that you can get supplies and tools from…

I am not sponsored by them, nor do I have any financial relationship with any of these listings…

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