Mother's Ring and Family Jewelry

Family Jewelry and jewelry like, Mother’s Rings are highly customizable.  Blender is the perfect tool for modeling, and if you have a 3d printer, you can create one of a kind mother’s rings for this upcoming Mother’s day.

Family jewelry doesn’t just consist of rings, but other items like pendants, bracelets, and earrings too.  Rings, however, seem to be the most popular and the one’s that I get asked to make the most.

In this example, I’m going to show you how to make this simple design with two children’s names, and two birthstones.  You can, however, get as creative as you customer or you want, by designing a ring that can handle more names and gemstones, or just come up with your own creative idea.

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Add-ons you will need

In the video tutorial, I use Blender 2.91, but you can use any recent version of blender from 2.82 and up.  I recommend if you haven’t, updating to 2.91 because of the improved modeling features and functions.

I also use an addon called Jewelcraft.  I have made videos on using this add-on, and you can get it here…  I encourage you to watch the installation video if you’ve never added any add-ons to blender before.

Modifier's Used

I’ll be showing you in this video, use of several modifiers…  Here is the list I’ll be using, and you can get more information on these if you like.

  • Remesh Modifier
  • Curve Modifier
  • Boolean Non Destructive Modifier
  • Boolean Modifier and Tool


Other examples

If you haven’t yet seen my tutorial on making Mother’s Day Pendants for that special Mom in your life, click here to see that article and watch the video.


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