Mother's Day and Family Jewelry Ideas

I wanted to take some time, and discuss with you some of the things that have worked really well for me on Mother’s day, for Mother’s Day and Family Jewelry designs.

These ideas aren’t necessarily complicated, but they sell well, and you can customize them to your hearts content.  By redesigning these into what ever your customer wants, you can have a way to grow with your customers and offer them clean, easy and stylish designs.

Watch the video here...

More to come...

In the next part of the Mother’s day and Family Jewelry designs, I’ll be covering more pendant ideas.

In part three, I’ll be covering ring designs, and that may have to spread over to a fourth episode…

Don't Wait Too Long!

Hey…  Its the middle of March ’21…  Mother’s day is only two months away.

It is time to get your customers ready, and start taking orders and making things for them.

This is one of the best time of years for most jewelers, so, don’t loose out!

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