In this section, we are going to discuss the installation of Blender 3d. You can follow along with the video, or follow the instructions in this article to get the installation of Blender onto your computer.

If you need to know what the requirements are, please click here to view the previous article, “introduction to learning Jewelry CAD Design with Blender 3d”

Install Blender on your computer

To begin installing Blender 3d, go to the website,, and download the version of blender that you’ll need for your computer. For instance, if you are using Windows, then download the Windows version. If using a Macintosh computer, download the version for your Mac.

Remember where these files are located, because we will have to either extract or install Blender onto your computer from the download folder where they were sent to.

First, Lets get Organized!

I find it very important to have all my files organized on my computers. I use bot a Mac and a PC, however I prefer the PC as it offers more flexibility and ease of use. In either case, both systems have a ‘documents’ folder.

Open up your file explorer or finder. Open up your documents folder, and create a new folder, called “Blender Files”.

Once that folder has been created, open it up. There should be nothing it it, if you have not used Blender before, or created a folder called Blender Files. Within this new folder, create a new folder called “ad-ons”. In his new folder, we will be putting any tools we can ad to blender, and download those files here.

Now we have to create another folder within “blender files”. Create a new folder and call it “library”. In this folder, we will be saving object files that we can use over and over. There is another tool we will review at some point, that is a paid jewelry library, and if you choose to purchase it, those objects will be stored within this directory.

Time to install Blender

Using your file explorer or finder, we have to locate the ‘downloads’ folder on your computer. This is probably where the installation file for blender was saved. If you saved it somewhere else, take note, and find it. We will be installing blender now.

Once you have found the the executable install file, double click it, and let the installation process begin, and complete the blender 3D install.

Time to Organize

Now that bender has been installed, lets take some time, and get a folder made so that we have a place on our computer to store all the wonderful designs we are going to be creating!

Open up your file explorer, or if you are using a Mac, the finder.

Find the documents folder. Right click on the documents folder, and look for new-folder. Create a new folder, then rename it… “Blender Files”.

If you like, open up the Blender Files folder, and create any number of other folders within it, should you wish to be a bit more detailed. For instance, I have folders for pendants, rings, necklaces, and earrings. I’ve even gone as far as to create sub-folders in those. However, you don’t have to be as obsessive as I am.

That’s it!

In the next part of this, you’ll be installing some addons, and that way you can use the tools I use during the course to follow along, and to practice with.

Don’t be intimidated by this program. It may look complicated, and it probably is, but its free, and a good way to dive in.

Since we’re only going to be using a few of the tools built into Blender, don’t worry. Take notes, practice, and watch the video as many times as you want.

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