In this part of the jewelry CAD instructions, you are going to learn how to design three very simple rings on your computer using Blender 3D.

If you’re watching on your computer or tablet, then good, I’m glad we’re getting farther along.

There are some very simple keystrokes you will be using in this video, and during this tutorial, so keep them handy, and practice using them.

“Shift-A”. Using these keys together will bring up the ‘add item’ menu onto the three D window. (The window in the center of the Blender Application.

“Shift-D”. This combination will dumplicate the selected item. Once you have an item selected, using the “shift d” combo, creates another instance of that objects, and renames it adding a suffix to it, i.e. .001. Moving the cursor immediately after, moves the new object to a different location

“X”. This key, will allow you to delete or remove the currently selected object.

“S” – Size key. This key allows you to size the object in the 3D window. Pressing then releasing the ‘S’ key will put a like between your cursor and the center of the object on the screen. Moving the mouse around sizes it larger or smaller, depending on whether or not you move your mouse closer or farther from the object.

“S” key, then the “Z” key. Pressing these keys, one at a time, will put the size mode into z-axis mode. When you press these keys, then move your mouse, the object will become larger or smaller along the ‘z’ axis only.

“S” key, then the “Y” key. This performs the same as the “z” size option, however, it only expands and contracts the 3D object along the ‘y’ axis.

“S” key, then the “X” key. This performs the same as the “Z” and “Y” option, except it only expands or contracts the 3D object along the “x” axis.

Practice as much as you can to get comfortable with these Blender instructions.

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