Use Blender and a 3d Printer

This video series covers the basics of designing and creating a class ring, from beginning to end.  Using Blender 3d, you should be able to learn the basics, and move on to making much more specific designs.  The last video will cover the the 3d printing process of our school ring, and getting our design ready for casting.  

I did not create this model for casting, but I wanted to cover the most important steps, design, layout, and final printed item.

Ok, so this series is a bit long.  I know the three videos are almost 90 minutes, but there is a lot to teach you here.

Now, before we get started, here is the spoiler…  The print may be on the small side, but, use this series as your tutorial to design a class ring, a sport’s team ring, or any kind of class style ring of your choice.

I had a lot of fun making this series, and let me know if there are any suggestions for future projects you may have.


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