Hey Guys;

This is just a quick update post on Episode 2 of Junk or Gem!

To recap, in episode 2 of Junk or Gem, we restored a 16 size, 17 jewel Elgin pocket watch, set in a genuine railroad case.  While the watch movement is not a railroad grade, I didn’t think that it was necessary to change out the case.

I tagged the watch, and put it in the store.  It was in the display case for two weeks.  And it did get a lot of attention, but led to the sail of other watches.  So, in an effort to show you guys that you can make money selling a restored watch, I decided to take a quicker route and list it on Ebay, to see just what it would bring on the auction site.

Here is the listing on Ebay.  I encourage you to follow the listing and review episode 2 to familiarize yourself with the watch…



We can watch together and see if we make a profit and end up with a Gem, or if we end up with Junk!


Thanks, and happy watch and jewelry repairs!






Check out this list of available watches on ebay!

[ebayfeedsforwordpress feed=”http://rest.ebay.com/epn/v1/find/item.rss?keyword=pocket+watch&categoryId1=281&sortOrder=EndTimeSoonest&programid=1&campaignid=5338643865&toolid=10039&customid=american+pocketes&listingType1=All&feedType=rss&lgeo=1″ items=”10″]

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