Elgin 16 Size Pocket Watch!

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In todays episode of Junk or Gem, we’re going to go through a 16 size American Pocket Watch from Elgin.  This watch was manufactured in the early 1920s, and I purchased it at an estate sale a long time ago.  I didn’t know if it worked, and somehow, it made its way to storage where it has sat for maybe five or ten years.

Enjoy the episode, and I hope you find this interesting.  Below the video, I’ll go through some of the details about the watch, and its repair and if you’re interested in doing the same, we can teach you the tricks!


If you watched the video, you saw how we broke down the watch into its individual pieces and sorted them all out.  We then did a full cleaning of each piece, and examined the watch to see if there was any damage to any of those parts.

The mainspring in this watch was old.  I’m guessing that the spring was at least 60 years old, and we showed in the video, where the spring had become damaged and worn.  So, it was necessary to change the spring and put a new mainspring into the mainspring barrel.

The case was examined, polished and cleaned.  Here I look for any wear on the case to see if the gold filled covering has been worn through.  If it has, then the case would be almost worthless.  In some cases, valuable watch cases can be re-plated, but they will not be original, and the value would be less than if it was intact and in good condition.

We then start to assemble the watch back together, and review all the parts as we put them back into the watch, making sure that no damage has been done, and that they all work properly.

In the end, here is what we ended up with.

This 16 size watch is in wonderful condition.  On a scale of 1 to 10, it ranks in at about an 8.

The watch cost $40.00 in its worn and broken condition.  A new mainspring was used, and that cost approximately $30.00.

The time that it took to repair the watch was about 90 minutes.  This included the breakdown, cleaning, polishing and reassembly.

As seen in the video, the watch is now running perfectly.  For a watch that is about 100 years old, it is keeping very good time, and only running slow about 25 seconds per week based on a daily full wind.  Remember, these old watches had to be wound every day.  They did not have self winding watches at the time.

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Was this Junk? or was it a Gem?…


This watch is a GEM!  No doubt.  This watch will sell in my store for between 360.00 and $450.00.  I’m guessing that the watch will sell for exactly $400.00.  It does not have a railroad movement in it, but rather a high quality jeweled movement.  If it was a railroad movement, the watch would retail for over 750.00.

The case is in Excellent condition, with only slight wear, and a few minor scratches from daily use.

Our anticipated profit would be $330.00.  This is great!  And it is a GEM!

Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for more episodes!


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