Milgrain Tool Review

What is Milgraining (When referred to in the jewelry Industry)?

Milgraining is a form of decorative design used in jewelry design.  It is very common today, as it was back during the 1920s and 1930s.  It is a form of beaded edge added to either a parameter of a ring, bezel or framework of an item of jewelry.

Example of Milgraining around the outer edge of the ring surface.


The Milgraining tool we use in the jewelry industry allows us to create the decorative bead-like textures to jewelry, not all, but some styles.  They are also very helpful in antique jewelry restoration, where older items have had the beadwork wear down, and we would need to restore it.  This is done quite a bit, with older pieces, or when repairs have to be performed and during the repair, we may wear down the beading design.

Using the milgrain tool is not difficult, but does require patience and practice.

The first several times you attempt to add the bead design to an item, you will slip, and probably add some scratches to the item which will then have to be cleaned up.  don’t worry, anything you do, can be un-done!

For those of you who wish to start working on the milgraining, I would suggest the following…

  1.  Get yourself a good Milgrain tool.  (Here is a link)
  2. Buy some silver wire, maybe 18 or 20 gauge, and practice on the wire.  Here is a link to get the wire.
  3. When you think you’ve mastered it, Keep Practicing!

Watch my review here, and you’ll see how the tool works, and I can attest, that the version that I’m using in the video has lasted me well over twelve years now.  While I don’t use it every day, if you take care of your tools, you will get a great lifetime out of them.




Here is a link through my Amazon Affiliate Account for the Milgrain tools I use.



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