Blender 2.9 and Font Insetting!

Working with Fonts and Letters for Blender 2.8 or Blender 2.9 can be taxing on your imagination.

There are hundreds of fonts and working to make a letter pendant or a name tag pendant can be difficult.

One of my Youtube subscribers asked if there was an easier way to do this, and I wanted to show you how…

Check this out, and let me know what you think.

Add Your Heading Text Here

Refresh Modifier in Blender 2.9

As you saw in the video, (If you watched it) was that I like to use the “Remesh” modifier on these letters when I’m dong getting them where I want them.

This is because if I have to do any further modeling on them, such as Placing gemstones on the model, and cutting holes, adding prongs ect., I can be assured that the model being remeshed will accept boolean operations in Blender 2.9 or Blender 2.8 much better.

In addition, this will fix hanging faces in the model

3d Printing your model

In the video, there were a couple of times, that when I made changes to the faces on the letters, I caused the model to have errors in its geometry.

The remesh modifier will fix these little issues, and often make your model more 3d printer friendly.

Hanging faces, holes and other anomalies  can cause 3d printing problems, and result in failed prints.

In addition to the boolean fixes, remesh often fixes my models for my printing applications.  Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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