Yes, your printer will eventually break down

Yes, it is True that eventually you are going to have a problem with your Resin 3d Printer, such as the Epax, Anycubic or the Elegoo Mars.  Something will give out, from simple problems to slightly more complicated problems that require you to take your resin printer apart, disconnect everything, and fix it!

In my case, because I was rushing to get the next print done, I skipped my three minute clean up steps, and cracked my lcd display that sits on the top of the printer frame.  While my printer kept working, it eventually cause some problems, and considering that the replacement display is only 19.99, maybe I should have had a spare sitting around to save two days.

Watch the Video!

Spare parts never hurt!

The reason I’m writing this, is because I want to share my experience and perspective about keeping spare parts for equipment that you use regularly.  Being a jeweler and watchmaker, I keep a lot of spare parts for not just customer items, but for the tools and equipment I use.

My Elegoo mars and Anycubic Photon are no different.  I’ve begun to invest in spares so that I don’t have to be down for two or three days, maybe longer when these parts are not available.  Remember, these resin 3d printers are super popular, and the printers as well as the supplies and replacement parts run out of stock.  When they are available, pick them up and store them someplace safe, because its worth having them at hand.

Elegoo Mars Printer

Elegoo Mars Printer Replacement Display

Elegoo Mars FEP Film

Elegoo Mars Resin (Never Enough!)

Anycubic Photon Printer

Anycubic Photon Replacement Display

Anycubic FEP Film

The Consumables you need!

Resin Filters

Small Funnels

Gloves Gloves Gloves

IPA (Never Enough)

Paper Towels


UV Cure Light

Glass Cleaner

These are all the things I keep around, just to make my resin 3d printing easier and quicker.  I’ve had wonderful luck with each of these recommended products, and that is why I’ve listed them here.

These are Amazon affiliate links, and if you purchase any of these, within twenty-four hours of placing them into your amazon cart, I will get a small commission from amazon.  It costs you nothing, and thankfully, I can use the funds to help this site grow and produce more videos.  Thank you if you choose to do that.

Happy 3d Resin Printing, and remember, be safe and keep your printer clean!

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