Name Tag Jewelry and Blender

First, let me say thank you to the youtube subscriber who was kind enough to suggest that I should offer a video on how to make nametag jewelry.  This is a big part of what we as jewelers do for our retail customers.  Of course, we jewelers have vendors who supply us with a lot of name tag items for pendants, but, today, with all the different names, and especially the different spelling of names, we have a need to be more flexible.

Using Blender and your 3d printer, such as the Elegoo mars, Epax X1 or the anycubic Photon, you can create any style “name” jewelry.  This is the fun of creating these custom items for our customers.

Take a look below, and watch the video…

Video on making custom Name Tag Jewelry

Image Gallery

How Difficult is this?

Making text jewelry is not that difficult.  It will require you however, to spend some time practicing on how to use the functions within Blender 3d.  Text tools in blender offer quite a bit of flexibility in the design. 

Fonts…  Of course, you are not limited to the the fonts that are standard within blender, you can use any of the fonts on your computer.  These can be found within the system directory of the operating system you are using.  In addition, there are literally hundreds of fonts that you can download from the internet for free and use for almost any purpose, including, Blender and 3d printing.

I realize that following this video may be difficult.  Take the time to watch it, pause and practice the functions shown.  I will admit that it took me a few hours of practicing before I was very comfortable with the font tools, but they are just like any other 3d object once you understand them.

Working with text within blender, is the equivalent of working with curves.  However, you will notice that once I created my design using the text tools and properties, I then converted the text into a “mesh” so that I could work with it to make the jewelry items show.

Remember too, that you are limited to only your imagination and the limitations of your 3d printer…  So, get creative and have fun!

Let met know if I can further explain any of these tools and functions for you.  I’ll be happy to elaborate further.



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