We’ve all had one of those clocks we purchased that stopped working.  Happens to all of us.  Those little black squares behind the clock sometimes go bad.  Sometimes, they are just junk, and we have to replace them, but other times, the clock starts to wear down, or stops because it has gotten dirty.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you a quick way to try and fix these little clocks.  It doesn’t always work, but for the most part, when it does, you’ll get some added life out of your clock, without having to take it to my shop and pay me to do it!  (Hope you’re laughing!)

Here is the video on Cleaning a small Quartz Clock!

Sometimes, please keep in mind, even trying to clean these movements doesn’t work.  If you have to purchase a new movement, then make sure that you do your best to order one with new hands, or to make sure that you order a clock movement that fits the hands you have…

Here are some important factors for ordering replacement quarts clocks…

  1. The hight of the minute post, from the top part of the clock
  2. The diameter of the minute hand post
  3. The diameter of the hour hand post
  4. The second hand post size and depth
  5. The size of the clock movement itself. 3 or 4 inches is normal.


Click on the link if you wish to purchase this clock!



One thought on “How to Clean a Quartz Clock!”
  1. I got my grandmother a quartz clock for her 75th birthday last year, and she called me up yesterday and told me that it’s stopped working. It’s really interesting to know that the little black squares can stop working sometimes if they’ve gotten dirty. Next week, I will try to find a clock repair shop to restore it so that she can continue enjoying it.

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