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Cleaning the Hamilton 992 is not any different from most other pocket watches.  The quality of this railroad grade pocket watch is superb, and cleaning it is necessary after the repair.

In the previous blog/video, I fixed the broken balance on this beauty, and if you didn’t see that, click here!

Pocket watches need to be maintained just like any other mechanical watch, and these Hamilton’s are no different.  Although I have found that with care, a watch like this, which is run every day will last years without service as long as you don’t treat it poorly.

In the video, I cover the tear down and re-assembly of the watch… If you want to see the parts being cleaned, check out this article.

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Cleaning Process

Again, I’m not necessarily going to cover the entire process.  However, because I had to do a lot of work to this watch’s balance system, it was going to need a good cleaning.

Yes, you may touch these parts, and there is a lot of discussion on wearing gloves.  I do, most of the time, and trust me, with this pandemic thing, getting gloves is getting more and more difficult.

However, if you do work on a watch, and come into direct contact with a part and your skin, it should be cleaned up.  Usually, degreasing with watch cleaner and rinsing completely, is enough to get the job done and done right.  If parts are caked with dry oil and dirt, you will need to scrub a bit with some pith wood (soft wood sticks) or use a stronger cleaning solution.

Test as you go!

While you are assembling the watch, try and test the movable items that you are assembling as you finish each part of the process.

Don’t tighten screws down, until you are certain that ever pinion, gear and staff is seated correctly in its place.  Once you are sure, then you can go and tighten up the screws.

Testing things as you move along is smart, because if issues do occur you w0n’t be too far in the process of finishing up.

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