Don't Throw It Away!

I can’t believe it has been so long since I purchased my Epax X1 3d printer.  More then 20 months ago now…  It has been one of my go to printers, and I’ve had a few.

Yes, I started with the Elegoo Mars, and that worked really well, but I wanted something that was built a little better, and took the chance on the Epax.  It has never left me down.

One of the first things I did after I used it for a while was to purchase the Parallel UV lamp upgrade for the printer.  This was one of the reasons I purchased from Epax, because they offered Upgrades, and said that they would continue to do so, and yes… They have

If you have not seen my upgrade video on the parallel lamp, click here to check it out.  But, this isn’t what I’m covering in this blog.  Today, I want to discuss the upgrades that turn this printer from a two year old almost anchor, to one of the most recent, quickest printers you can get today, without having to purchase a new one.

If you don't own an Epax Printer...

First, let me say that of all the 3d printers I’ve owned and used, (Purchased all by me, with my money), the Epax was the only one that offered an upgrade path.

Their designs are really good.  The printers are very well made, and yes, most of these printers use the same parts inside, but, no other resin 3d printer manufacturer offers you the option to upgrade in the future…  Only Epax.

If you don’t own one, I would consider it.  You won’t be disappointed.   You can always start small…


What you'll need...

So, if you have an older X1 printer, and want to upgrade it to the X1k, 6 inch, 2k mono printer, here is what you’ll need for your printer….

First, you’ll need to purchase the Parallel lamp upgrade.  I made a video of doing the install a year ago, same procedure applies now…  Click here to see it.

You’ll also need the mono upgrade kit.  Click here for that.

If you don’t have the latest controller board, you will also need that…

You’ll need some m6-70 6  screws for the kit, because they did not come with mine.  Maybe, you might get them in yours.

Since there are no instructions, you will either have to follow along with my tutorials, or, just be really patient, and very careful.  Especially with the cables…

Is it worth the work?

Well, I have to be honest… before spending even more money on printers, I decided to purchase a Phrozen Mini Mono 2k printer.  It was under 250.00 at the time, and I though I would take a chance before plopping down another 600 or 700 dollars on my next printer. 

I didn’t need to print larger items, as many of you know, I do jewelry design, and the size of these printers works perfectly for me.  Plus, small printers, means less resin in the vat…

The Phrozen sonic mini mono worked great.  It isn’t the steel construction of the Epax, but, it works.  I’ve been using that printer every day.  So, when the upgrade for the X1 came out, to convert it to their latest 6 inch mono printer, I jumped on it.

Yes, it is well worth it.  I have a printer that I spent a total of just over $700.00 on, and it is now current.  I’ve gotten to use it since day one, and while I can’t 3d print a car, I can certainly use it for my daily printing, and now…  Its three times faster!

Thank you Epax, for giving us Upgrade Options…

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