Battle for the Affordable Resin Printers!

3d printers all purport to do the same thing!   They allow you to print a 3d model and make a computer design become reality!  How they do it, and more importantly, how well they do it is much more critical of our needs.

In my work, I make jewelry designs for customers.  Mostly one-offs of items they imagine in their minds, and I  am given the opportunity to make them real.  This is an honor, and I never take it lightly.  So, the tools I use to make the items I make are important to me.  

I could spend a lot of time telling you about one unit, but, thats not what this is about.  There are always more than one way to get something done.  There are always more than one tool, and, now its time to compare these tools.

Whether or not you are in the jewelry industry, or anything else that would require the use of a 3d printer, lets start the battle.  The battle to figure out what is the best, or maybe which works better for you!

Watch the video battle, Part 1

Here is a relatively good castable resin that you will get great castings from.  It is under 100.00, and available through my Amazon Affiliate account.  

Click on the image to the left to purchase!

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