Elegoo Mars vs Epax x1, battle part two

OK!  I know that a lot of you guys think that these two printers are the same.  You are close.  Yes, some of the parts are the same.  They both use the same firmware, with a couple of exceptions.  They both use the same LCD Display, and the front touch screen is the same.  That is about where the similarities end.  The Epax does have a metal housing, and no matter what I hear, is more durable to every day use.  They have different motors, different UV lamp drivers and the Epax X1 is upgradable!  

Out of the box, however, before I  start the upgrades, lets check out the printing quality with settings from both factories, and the recommended settings from the resin manufacturer, fun to do!

Watch part 2 of the battle here...

So, what are the results?

After some intense searching and time on the phone, I managed to get all the recommended settings from Elegoo, Epax and Fun-To-Do!

If you’ve watched the video, then you know that the Epax will, out of the box with no upgrade, print just about 10 to 15% faster.  This is a result of a couple of manufacturing differences, as well as some firmware differences. 

Funny thing, even though I have since set up prints with exactly the same settings…  The Epax is still faster!  Again, I attribute this to the hardware used for this printer.  However, both printers printed the rings fine.  In the video, I did  did explain that the errors where a result of my modeling, and not the slicer settings.


In the next episode, Part 3, I’m going to take both printers apart, and we will, together, examine the physical differences between the two.  Don’t forget, that eventually, the Elegoo Mars is coming out with a new version, and it should be similar to the Epax, but, we have yet to see the final stats on that…

I sure hope that you found this helpful.  If you have any requests or questions, please let me know!



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