Since I’ve been playing with my Elegoo Mars printer, and testing all the different jewelry and watch related items I can print with it, I’ve discovered that my customers have had some issues with the prints I’ve made.

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No, they are not always perfect, but the bigger issue is that they have a difficult time looking at a piece of plastic and seeing any detail in it, or what it is going to look like in the end.  No matter what I tried to do, the results where the same.  So, I’ve gotten rid of my White and Red Resins, (no, not really, I just stored them somewhere for later use).

Elegoo Grey 405 nm Resin

Not all resins are created equal.  However, it isn’t rocket science either!  UV Cured Resins are available from practically anywhere you are looking for them.  I’ve even discovered that most of the time, resins are made from one manufacturer, and shipped with dozens of different names and labels on them!  This can be problematic however, because you may be purchasing the same resin from several suppliers, but the one you found, that you thought might be good, and less expensive, was just a bottle of gooey crap!

When making jewelry over the years, when we prototype a piece and ready it for casting, we were taught to carve those items in wax!  Well, your elegoo mars and the resins, almost make wax obsolete!  The color of the wax, usually green or blue, was nice because once you had completed the carving, you could see the intricate details in the design.  Customers could tell what they were getting, and the wax was easy to work with.

So, my search brought me to the Grey Resin from Elegoo.  I purchased a bottle, and set off to design a ring that would better show some sharp detail, with a clean look.  After hours of thinking, and computer work, I came up with a simple style that adds a bit of Antique, to a bit of contemporary.  (see the pictures in this article).

A three hour print, and I was extremely pleased that the details come out in the Grey Resin.  I’ve made quite a few prints for customers alike, and they seem to react much better with the Grey Resin, then they did with white or yellow, or even red.

Watch The Movie!

New Trick, Old Print!

I also tried a new test.  Once of the jewelers that I work with had me do a group of rings for them.  I used the Elegoo white resin to print those, and sent them off.  Their customer was not sold on those new styles, and I was asked to do them again with some changes.  I spent another few days re-working those models, and then played a bit of a trick.  I sent the new prints, all printed in Grey resin, along with the original prints, however, I reprinted those in Grey!  A week later, the call came in from the jeweler, that the customer picked one of my original designs, and that what ever I did, they where very happy with it!

End Results of the Elegoo Grey Resin!

After now printing many items in both white and grey resin, I must say that for me, as well as almost all my clients, the Grey Resin seems to be better to see the details in the jewelry items I’m printing.  I’m sure not everyone will agree with me, but for now, until someone creates a gold metal liquid resin, I’m going to continue to print my prototypes in the grey color resin.

I’m actually happier with it, in that I can see the details, and yes, even the flaws of my designs, and with the grey resin, I actually have found that I’m more aware of my designs as I’m making them.  Especially since I know that not just the wonderful details show up better, but any mistakes I make will show also.


Good Luck to you with your Elegoo Mars Printer and which ever resin you choose.  However, give those different colors a try, and you might be surprised!




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