Watch made of Chinese Parts! 1 Month Later

The time that it took to build this Watch from Chinese watch parts found online, most important part, the DG3804 GMT watch movement, dial and hands, was it worth it?  Here is my full review of the watch after wearing it every day for a month…  

So, this is not a home made watch.  Nor is it a Homage Watch to some clone looking thing like a Rolex, Seamaster, or other fine quality build watch.  This Chinese Parts watch that I assembled from parts purchased on line has been a fun and educational experience.

One full month after a full service, and re-assembly, and I will say, the watch runs pretty well.  It keeps time, someone accurately.  It runs good, now that the hands are re-fit so that they don’t hit the dial.  Setting could be a bit better, but it is, of course, what it is.

So, I took some time to make a short little video covering what I like about this watch and what I don’t like about it.  I hope you get to watch and enjoy it… Check it out below…

Would I make another?

So, I have to say that I don’t know if I would take the time and effort needed to assemble and service another one of these watches for myself.  I have customers who own watches costing $100K or more…  I have customers who swear by their timex watches.  I have customers who own both and that itself can be an education for me.

I suppose that as long as I have several customer’s who want to have custom watches made from these parts, I will keep making they up for those who want them. 

As far as for me, I think that I will stick to my already growing and large collection of quality American Vintage and Swiss watches that serve me well.   No, I’m not a snob, but if you did not see the last video about this watch, check it out here.  You will see why I myself, am not interested in servicing these watches unless I’m getting paid to do it.

For the Money, was it worth it?

So, I have two words of wisdom for this train of thought.  Was it worth the time and effort to put this together and enjoy it for myself?  The answer in that case was, of course. Yes…

Is there a less time consuming and more affordable option, and again, the answer is Yes!  Of course!

I don’t want to kid you.  It is always exciting to get something that needs to be assembled.  I love building things, fixing things, restoring things.  It is in my nature.  If, however, you asked me was it fiscally good?  No…  I spend quite a bit of time working on this.  For the home hobbyist, this is great… For the shop guy who makes money fixing things, no, this sucked.  I would have lost money on this watch, and I’m sure my customer would have some savory things to say about me, it this was the production quality that come from me, to my customer.  it isn’t great, but….  It works!

I’m going to refer you to my Amazon Recommended Products Page.  There is a section, of the watches that I’ve had some experience with.  I recommend them.  Now, you will no doubt see watches that are expensive, but I’ve also taken the time to list watches their that are high quality, and very affordable, from $100.00 and up…  If I were going to do this again, to be honest, I might spend some time looking through my own list for a watch that I know is made well, and won’t kill me later when I may at some point need service.

To sum it up!

Well… After a full four weeks…  Here is my summation of this process…


  1. Good Looking Case
  2. Durable Case and Band
  3. Water Tight to about 100 feet, and I have worn this every day swimming
  4. DG3804 Movement is keeping good time! *note cons below…
  5. Dial and hands are Great Quality and Well made
  6. My Friends love the watch! 
  7. Affordable Fun Watch


  1. DG3804 is not a tight movement.  There is a lot of play in the gearing
  2. DG3804 keeps good time…  Not Accurate time… but, good time
  3. The band clasp is slippy…  The locking adjustment slips once in a while
  4. The lumi-hands, don’t glow in the dark for more then 40 seconds.
  5. DG3804 service is a nightmare

So, over all, you can see that there are more pros than cons.  If this is something that you want to dabble in, go for it…  Its fun, and it is a cheap way to get into making your own custom watch.  Have fun guys…


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