3d Printing a Watch Timer Stand

Todays two part project is building a watch timer stand…

Watch timers, typically cost between $150.00 to $ Thousands!  So, I’ve decided to test out an app that I got for my iphone and ipad which cost about $5.00.  The issue is that I need to a microphone stand that the watch can sit on, and feed its tick or beat into the microphone.  A stand makes perfect sense.

I love my Elegoo Mars, and the flexibility it give me when I can create and then simply 3D print a model.  Using it for things like this, practical items, is a lot of fun, because it is something that I’m going to work with a lot, and enjoy.

Once we use Blender to design our stand, in Part two, we’ll finish it up by printing the stand, adjusting all the parts, assembly and giving the entire setup a good test run…

Design and Print the Watch Timing Stand

Everything you need to do this!

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Elegoo Mars Printer Settings!

Assemble and test

Working With Blender!

Working with Blender can seem a bit intimidating, but don’t let it bother you…  I have many videos and instructions on how to use blender, and there are hundreds of tutorials available elsewhere!

Check out my tutorials on Blender and Jewelry Making..

Click Here for Installation instructions.

Click Here, to start learning about using blender.


I would suggest, if you’re going to do a lot of designing with Blender 3d, that you consider the following…


A full size keyboard for your computer with a Numeric Keypad

A multi button mouse, where you can use the extra buttons on the mouse as keyboard shortcuts to make Blender an Even Better Blender Experience!

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