Why design your own wedding set

When I had my retail stores open, and a couple would come into the store to look at engagement rings, wedding sets or wedding bands, I always had the same questions asked of me…

How expensive is it to design a custom engagement ring?

I think that just about every jeweler gets this same questions asked of them.  The truth of the question is that, of course, it depends!

Creating a custom, one of a kind, wedding set, engagement ring or wedding band is so rewarding, even for me who has done this for years.  I love the challenge and the reward of working with a customer who wants that special item.  I enjoy learning from them, and that is what I hope to encourage you to do.

On this website, whether you are a jeweler, a jewelry designer or an amateur, I try to show you that you can use software that is completely free, to design absolutely beautiful and stunning designs and then have them made into one of a kind items that will hopefully last you a lifetime.  The best part, is that Blender 2.8x, that latest good version is 2.83, the software is Completely Free!

In the video tutorials below, you will see that these step by step tutorials are easy to follow along, and if you need some help getting to this point, check out the category list of video tutorials that will help get you started.

In addition, you can click here, to get the software up and running on your computer.  Check it out!

Video tutorials Parts 1 and 2

Take your Time

When you start to design your model, remember, to take some time and prepare for your process.

You should probably have a good idea of what it is that you are going to create.  I like to start out with a drawing.  Sometimes I will ask my clients to draw out something on a piece of paper, and no, it doesn’t matter how crude it is.  This will help me to get an idea of what they are looking for. 

When I’m doing my own designs, I follow that same process by laying out on paper what it is that I’m going to accomplish.  It helps to create the visual in my mind, and I also get a chance to write out certain things like gemstone sizes, ring sizes, widths and other important dimensions that I have to take into consideration.

Try not to get caught up in the software.  Stick to what you are working on.  Blender is a complicated piece of software, but if you work with just one aspect of it at a time, it is relatively easy to use.

What do you need to start?

Of course, you will need Blender 3d.  You can get the software from the website, www.blender.org

There are great sections for other things regarding blender there.  Tutorials, references and the same.  Some of this can be complicated, so again, I’ll refer you to follow my tutorials as I try to make them simple to understand.

If you are looking for more specific items that I do not cover, then check out YouTube as there are 10s of thousands of short videos regarding Blender.  

Always include the version of the program you are using.  For instance, in my courses, I started out on Blender 2.78, and now we are running Blender 2.83.  When looking for instructions, just include the version number.

You’ll also need a desktop or laptop computer.  Unfortunately, Blender is far too powerful and large a program to run on a phone or tablet just yet.  

However, don’t worry, to do almost anything in the tutorials I cover, you can get away with using even a low end laptop as long as it has about 8Gig of Ram.  Modeling in Blender does not use much of your computer power.

Do you want to print your Design?

So, of course I cover a bunch of 3d printing here to as it relates to the jewelry industry.  3d printers are fun and creative tools that you can use to make just about anything you can imaging that of course, fits into the printer.

With the power of designing in Blender and then 3d printing your creates, you will see that even the small mom-and-pop jewelry or home designer can be more creative then large industry corporations!

Here are three printers that I recommend and you can read my reviews regarding each of them.

Don't Be Afraid!

It really doesn’t matter if you are young or old, a jewelry designer or a stay at home Mom.  It is easy to get started doing this kind of work, and don’t be intimidated by all the things you hear, or even your own fears.

Jewelry design is fun, and even if you spend the next six months creating just the item that you want for yourself, you’ll be rewarded with the results of knowledge and creativeness.

Get started now!

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