In this episode we are going to pick up where we left off.  We have to examine each part, find out if there are any damaged parts, clean and prep for assembly.

The footage for this video was taken during my transition from NY to Florida.  I want to take the time to apologize for the footage, but without a fully functional shop, it was hard to get everything I needed to make this perfect.

This episode covers the examination of the parts, and cleaning the pocket watch parts.  What to use for cleaning and how to get it done.  It is rather long, and there are some parts that you can fast forward to, however, I encourage you to watch the work involved.

You’ll see in the video that this watch has not been cleaned in probably 50 years.  The parts are very dirty and have a lot of dried up oil on them.

The cleaner works really well to get the parts cleaned and prepped for assembly.

I used a short cut on this episode.  All of my solutions where packed up and in storage, so instead of using watch rinse, I used 97% isopropyl alcohol as a substitute for watch rinse.  Sometimes, I think that it works better.

You’ll note that I’m using a “white board” in this video.  When I was starting out, white boards where great tools for me to use because I could write down all the part names next to the parts.  Other times, I would draw out the diagrams for complicated watches, and this is a good trick to help you get through the disassembly and cleaning stages.  It is even an invaluable tool for the reassembly process.

You can find all the tools you’ll need Here, that I use in the video.  Please feel free to contact me for more information.  I love to teach people to do new things, and watch repairs are one of them.

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