Here is something that I get hear my customers say all the time.  “Do you sell jewelry Cleaner?”

The flat out answer is “NO”…  And here is why!

Chemical cleaners used on jewelry will make them look good, fast, and easy…  for a day or two!  After that, the chemicals in the cleaning solutions start to tarnish and oxidize the jewelry and in some cases, turn them black.

I don’t sell those cleaners, never will, and do not recommend them.

One of my customers came into the store a few months ago with his Rolex Submariner.  Instead of being two tone, stainless Steel and 18k yellow gold, it was now black.  The Blue bezel had all but faded away, and the watch looked terrible.

Now, what do I recommend to clean your jewelry?  Very simple solutions to, and they may not even cost you a dime!

Lets get started…

Here is what you’ll need…

1 small bowl, or a 1 cup measuring glass container

1 bottle of dawn soap, (the kind you use in the sink to clean your dishes).

1 old, or new, preferably “soft” bristle tooth brush


Now, ad water to the glass bowl, and heat it up for 20 to 30 seconds in the microwave.  Add some dawn soap, and stir.  Wait a bit to make sure the water is still hot, but that you won’t burn yourself.  I like to make sure the water is about 120 degrees or a bit less.  (Disclaimer!  You can burn yourself with hot water, do not put your hand, fingers, or any other body part into it.  Use this method at your own risk, and your own responsibility!  Sorry about the liability disclaimer 🙂 !

Put your diamond ring into the bowl of warm to hot water, and let it sit for a minute or more.  Take the toothbrush, and aggressively start brushing the underside and top side of the ring, while holding it in the water-soap solution.  Do this until the ring is free of debris, i.e. dirt, hand lotions, cookie dough, etc.

Once your ring is clean, rinse with water, and dry with a cotton clothe, such as a towel, or lint free item.

Put ring back onto finger and Enjoy.