The Pendant Design

So, as many of you know, I do mostly wholesale work for the jewelry industry.  Fixing and making jewelry, watch repairs, custom case designs and more.

Sometimes, one of the jewelers that I’m lucky enough to work with will ask me to make something special, and today was one of those days.  A woman had come into their store and asked for a custom survivors pendant.  She have my friend several ideas, but didn’t know how they would work.

This Breast Cancer Awareness pendant is something that she has wanted for some time, and I was asked to come up with two different versions of the pending, but with one common style.  

I used Blender 2.9, and the latest Jewelcraft addon, version 2.8.1.  You can see how to get these, and install the addon by clicking here.

All I new was that she wanted a ribbon shape, and some stones, no one had any clues as to where we should place the stones, or any engraving.  That was my idea.  Let me know what you think.

As a bonus, I’m making this pendant available for you to download.  You can get the finished model as show, or a blank version that you can modify yourself.  

Watch the Video Tutorial Here


Constructing the 3d model

Coming up with the concept for this pendant was easy.  The difficulty that I had, obviously was getting the model drawn into 3d, and making sure that I could work with the model, to both set the stones in it, and to use the text tool to make the engraving.

I have some videos hallmarking, one in particular that you should check out.  It will show you how to work with the model and the text to engrave your 3d model.  Click here to see the post on that.

If you have watched the video, you already noticed that this model took some time for me to create.  Even though it is a simple model, because of the hallmarking and the stone placement, I actually had to work with two separate haves to the pendant, and then join then together.

Normally I would just spread a 3d object along the path of a curve, stretching it to fit the way I want, and then converting and applying any of the modifiers I used.   However, in this case, the model gave me quite a bit of difficulty by doing it that way.  It was much easier to join the two haves with a boolean modifier than it was to try and work out all the issues I found using the path and a stretched object.


Download the ribbon pendant here

Blender 2.9

I’m sure by now, if you’ve been watching me use blender 2.8, you noticed that I’m using blender 2.9 here. There is not much difference in modeling jewelry between the two versions. However, I did have to install the newest version of Jewelcraft for Blender, version 2.8.1.
This was not a complicated transition, however, there is a couple of changes, improvements and things to learn when using blender 2.9, and especially some of the new features in Jewelcraft 2.8.1   I found them very intuitive, but I’m sure some of you may have some difficulty with them.

Later this week, I’m going to make a video covering all the newest changes in Jewelcraft.  

I’ll also be making a complete series for you to get to know everything modeling in Blender 2.9, and them some.

Don't forget BlenderGems

For those of you who have not already purchased and downloaded BlenderGems, this is the library of objects that I’ve created over the years for those of you who are jewelers.  I add many new objects each moth for the next version.  The next version will be out sometime around Holloween.

Check it out!

3d Printer Settings

Here are the settings I used on the two printers used to create these…

Epax X1 LCD 3d Printer

Used Standard Elegoo Skin Tone resin

layer height: 0.025 mm

Layer cure time: 8.5 seconds

Support Structure:  medium


Sonic Mini Mono Display

Phrozen Castable Resin

layer height:  0.025mm

Layer cure time:  3.4 seconds

Support Structure:  Heavy

MEASURING RANGE: Metal ring sizer gauge with US sizes of...
Gemstone :- Diamond Size :- 1.00 To 3.00 MM Product...
【Washable and Easy to Save】After the model is printed, it...

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