BlenderGems Jewelry Library for Blender

BlenderGems Jewelry Library

Over the past year or more, I’ve spent a lot of time developing custom 3d models to use with Blender 3d, to design jewelry for my customers.  This library is ever growing as I continue to create new objects for blender 2.8 and my customers requests.

Since this site is ever growing, thanks to all of you, and so many of you are taking the time to learn about using blender for 3d modeling of jewelry and other objects, I’ve finally gotten around to making this library available to you.

I’ve purchased other libraries to work with specific CAD programs in the Jewelry industry, but these libraries can cost as much as $3000.00, with annual subscriptions of hundreds per year if not more.

BlenderGems is a growing library, and while it does not contain thousands of objects, it has many objects that you can work with in your designs, and ready for 3d printing into castable resins and turning those, into stunning pieces of Jewelry.

Over the next year, I’ll be adding hundreds more objects into this library.  To help with the development costs of this library, including the time to create the objects, test them in 3d printing, and make sure they work, I’m offering this at a very low price.

Note!  After you have completed the purchase on PayPal, Please follow the link from the PayPal site back to the Download page!  You will need to download BlenderGems from a computer such as a Mac or PC.  Thank you!

After your purchase on Paypal, you will be returned here to download the Library File.

Watch the complete tutorial

To use BlenderGems, all you need is a computer, running Blender 2.8.  You can use the Import function in blender to add the items into your model.  However, I suggest you use the addon called SimpleAssetManager.  If you do not have it, then click Here to see how to get it and install it.

Are you ready to start making jewelry?

This is a simple way to get started, and I’m sure you will find it helpful to create one of a kind items for you, or your customers.

Working with Blender is fun and rewarding.  BlenderGems makes Jewelry Design a whole lot better with Blender!