Make a beautiful diamond pendant

This tutorial comes from a Youtube Subscriber who was kind enough to ask me to help him out and show how to create custom letter pendants covered with Diamonds.  This isn’t difficult, but you will find that it takes some thought, some work and some patience.  

Here, we are going to use Blender 2.82, or Blender 2.83 to model this wonderful Letter “G” with Diamonds and turn it into a pendant.  

I’ll be showing you a couple ways to do it, and some tricks to create the shape we need to get started.

I suggest that you practice in steps.  Maybe start off using Blender 2.8 to model some different letter designs.  Don’t try to go too fast, as it is easy to get lost.  Additionally, don’t allow yourself to get lost in all the features in Blender 2.8 or 2.83 that do other things.  I find that programs like blender that offer you so many options, can get confusing if you do not stay focust.

Watch the video tutorial here

Addons you should have installed

Before we start using Blender 2.82 or 2.83, we need to install Jewelcraft.  This is a blender addon that I use to make things a bit easier for me, and I know that once you start using it, you will find some of it to be very helpful.

Jewelcraft can be downloaded here.


If you do not have it installed, check this video out, it shows the installation process for blender 2.82.  


Once they are installed, you can go follow some of the videos to get yourself used to using the tools.

Letter G with Diamonds, show here designed in White Gold

What you should know before you get here

I would suggest that you take some time to learn the basics of Blender 2.8 and its modeling features.  I think that it is a good idea to start working with blender slowly and make sure you set it up correctly.  

Check out my blender playlist, and become familiar and comfortable using it as a beginner.  If you are not a beginner using Blender 2.8, then even better.

Start practicing making letters, and using the tools to create interesting twists to standard pendant designs.

BlenderGems Library

Blendergems is a library of objects I’ve designed in Blender for jewelers.  I’ve created hundreds of modes that may help you to create more interested designs and styles of jewerly.

BlenderGems is like a Lego Block set for you to use while designing interesting, beautiful jewelry designs for you or your customers.

Check it out here

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