Pave and Gypsy settings, recessed Stones

Modeling blender, and getting things to conform to a curve, or recess them, is not difficult.  Pave and Gypsy settings are two examples that I cover in this tutorial, and I want you to see just how simple it is when you use the Snapping Tool in Blender.

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Functions we use in Blender

This tutorial covers the Snapping Tool in Blender, and how to set it up so that you can have one object conform without deformation to another object.  There is an offset tool for snapping, but I do not cover it in this video.

We will also be using the Axis Orientation tool  Global and Local.

Add-ons needed

For this tutorial, you will need the addon called Jewelcraft for Blender.  Click here to see how to download and install it.

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