Blender 2.8 addons for Jewelry Design

Working with Blender 2.8 can seem somewhat difficult for some people.  To help make it easier, Blender has the ability to install add-ons.  These Add-ons are tools that make our work flow much easier to do, and solve complicated tasks by making them much simpler.

When I’m showing you how to do the things we do with Blender to design 3d models, either for Jewelry design or general 3d modeling, I use three add-ons that you will manually have to download and install.

They are show in the video below, and this will walk you through the simples steps needed to download the add-ons and install them.

The use of each of these add-ons will be covered in other videos.

Where do we get the add-ons?

The three add-ons that I’m recommending you download and install, are outlined below…  Again, for the installation of these, I refer you to my instructional video covering this.



Jewelcraft is an add-on which will allow you to add gemstones and prongs to the model you have designed.  You must had a workable model that you have already drawn up.  Jewelcraft helps you to place stones, add prongs and use cutouts to modify your model for jewelry design work and ready it for 3d printing.


PBR Materials

The PBRmaterials add-on is not one that is really needed.  However, if you are like me, and wish to draw up a wonderful design, render an image of it to look real, this add-on works well.  It will allow you to add materials to your objects, such as Gold tones, silver tones, etc…  These materials render out a realistic image of your design.  This allows us to print the image and give it to a customer, so that they can see what the finished product will look like.


Simple Asset Manager

This add-on is like a built in library for Blender 2.8.  Once it is installed, you can assign a folder from your computer to it.  In the folder, you can add objects you wish to use as library objects that you can import into other designs you create.  



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