Hey Guys, Its time to give you a review of some tools that I use daily.

I’ve been using these bergeon screwdrivers now for almost twenty years. This set has lasted so well, that I’m recommending if you’re serious about buying the right tools, that you invest in these.

Watch the review below, and I’ll follow up after…

Buy the best, and save a fortune!

Seriously. I remember starting out and thinking, “should I spend this much for screwdrivers?” And the answer is yes.

Buying the right tools, and tools of high quality is the best investment you can make, and here is why…

I spent $120.00 on these screwdrivers in 1999. I’ve only had to replace one driver, which cost me an addition $16.00. Over the past nineteen years, I’ve probably spent less then $40.00 on replacement blades.

In that same time, I probably could have spent $30.00 every two years and purchased cheaper screwdriver sets, and they would have broke, or worn out… I know this, because we have several sets we use for other things in the shop. The bergeon driver set has worked perfectly. I would say that I use them several hours a day, at least five days a week. You be the judge as to how they have held up.

What are the numbers on the drivers?

The numbers that correspond to each of the drivers in the kit, are the drive head length in tenths of millimeters. So, for example, a no. 50 driver has a blade length of 1/2 of a millimeter. A no. 250, is 2.5 millimeters.

Those numbers correspond to the length of the grooves in the screws located in the watch. When using your drivers, you should always choose a driver length that is the same or slightly smaller then the groove length of the screw head. This insures that you wont damage the screw, and it makes it easier to both remove and re-tighten the screw.

Here are my recommedations

Bergeon Screwdriver recommendation 1

This set is available through our affiliate link with Amazon, and it may seem a bit pricey, but these are some of the best drivers I’ve used. I don’t own a set yet, but if and when I have to replace my, this is the set I will be purchasing. These are $220.00, but well worth it.

Bergeon Screwdriver recommendation 2

The set above is pretty much just like mine. The price has gone up very modestly since I purchased my set, and is now only $170.00. If you are like me, this is a fantastic set, and I love mine.

Screwdriver set, for the budget conscious!

The set above is very similar to the bergeon drivers. Not quite built to the same standard. These come in at $60.00, and if you’re just starting out, and want good drivers, but don’t feel you need to spend a lot of money, these are good enough.

If you get into watch repair like I did, and start fixing many watches every week, these will be good starters, and you’ll probably get a couple of years out of them before you need to change them. They also except replacement blades, however, they don’t come with a swivel base.

Good luck with your choice, and happy watch fixing!


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